Why Vancouver is the best city in Canada

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June 19, 2019
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June 23, 2019
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Why Vancouver is the best city in Canada


With all of the places to live in Canada what makes Vancouver the best city?

Let’s just address the obvious, no one is the same and everybody has different wants and needs so what best for one might not be best for others.

In my opinion Vancouver IS the best city in Canada, and here’s why:

The Opportunity :

When looking at where the best city in Canada is you have to pretty much cross out any of the small rural communities that are spread throughout the country.

Having lived in small communities throughout Canada, I can tell you without a doubt that living in a city offers tremendous opportunity compared to a small town.

Whether it’s jobs, activities, meeting new people, or experiencing different cultures these are the benefits that living in a major city offers that a small town can’t.

The Weather :

Of all the places in Canada Vancouver has some of the best year-round weather. The summers are hot and the winters are cold, but not nearly as cold as all the other provinces.

In the winters Vancouver often sees very little snow (but a bunch of rain), which makes it much easier to get around and when you consider that Canada gets what feels like 5 months of winter each year it’s definitely something to think about.

The Landscape:

Very few places in the world can offer what Vancouver does when it comes to the surrounding environment. The combination of living in a major city located right beside the ocean, forest and majestic mountains – each offering its own variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy.

You are also only a quick ferry ride over to the beauty of Vancouver Island which offers even more remote areas to explore and a 2 hour drive up to Whistler which offers world class ski slopes and mountain biking trails.

The Entertainment:

Living in the city compared to a smaller town is night a day. The abundance of local events being held every week gives you the chance to do something new all the time. When it comes to things like sporting events and concerts another benefit of Vancouver compared to many other major cities is that when musicians tour they often only visit Vancouver and/or Toronto when on tour. If you’re like me and love seeing your favorite bands/artists live, you’ll be missing out on a lot of chances living in other cities.

The People:

Part of being a well rounded human being is perspective – and the best way to get some perspective (aside from traveling) is living in a city that has many different cultures.

Having people from all over the world move to Vancouver has huge benefits for everyone living here. One of the biggest benefits is the food! Different cultures bring with them different types and styles of food which makes Vancouver the perfect spot for food choices.

When it comes to making friends Vancouver gets a bad rap. Some people considered it to be a cold, unfriendly place to live. In reality it’s all up to you and you can make friends if you try. I always recommend meetup.com as a great place to find groups of people with the same interests as you and go to one of the meet ups that are open to everybody.

All of these reasons are why Vancouver is the best city in Canada. Of course you’re going to have the nay-sayers chirp in with “It’s too expensive” or “Foreign money has ruined the city” but in reality everything is expensive these days. I don’t care where you live. Sure, rent might be a few hundred dollars more, but you’re getting all the benefits of living in a city and that costs something.