Which Vancouver Neighborhood Should I Live In?

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Which Vancouver Neighborhood Should I Live In?

best place to live in Vancouver

best place to live in Vancouver

Oh damn, I’m about to blow up the best spot in Metro Vancouver by telling you where the best place to live is.

However, because I care more about helping you and giving you good advice I’m just going to do it. The best place, in all of Metro Vancouver to live is…..wait for it…… North Burnaby.

Now let me tell you why.

First off, this place is such a great central location to everything. Want to go to downtown Vancouver? No problem, hop on a on the #97 and it will take you right into the heart of the Vancouver nightlife. Don’t worry about getting home at 3:00am from downtown, there’s a night bus that runs the same route and will get to right back into your North Burnaby neighborhood.

And if the thought of going out doesn’t appeal, it’s still the best time saving home base in the city. Think about it like this;

Say you live in Downtown Vancouver and you want to head out to Port Moody for an event, you’re looking at a 40 minute drive both ways, and that’s without traffic, However if North Burnaby is your home base, you’re only ever 15-20 minutes from every other surrounding area which cuts down on a lot of driving or transiting. Let’s face it, sometimes if things seem too far we don’t end up going.

Now that we’ve established that North Burnaby is a killer location when it comes to traversing the city and trust me, if you’re living here for any length of time, you will want to visit other areas.

What about the area itself? It’s beautiful and you’ll love the environment it offers, with parks and restaurants. The entire North Burnaby area has a very family friendly/homey feel. You have a lot of families in the area living in single family houses so it doesn’t feel overcrowded or constantly busy.

For the last 4 years they have been constructing 1000’s of apartments in the Brentwood area in some massive towers and in the next 10 years this area could start to become its own version of Downtown.

This means if you’re looking for that “modern” apartment feel (and don’t mind the price tag)  there will be plenty of options opening up soon as a lot of the rentals in North Burnaby tend to be basement suite rentals, based on that a lot of the area is made up of individual houses.

When it comes to finding which Vancouver neighborhood you should live in don’t limit yourself to just the city of Vancouver. Areas just outside city limits can offer a lot more (and usually for less)

HOWEVER – If you want to know the best neighborhood IN Vancouver it’s Mount Pleasant.

Now that I’ve given you the scoop, there’s a couple more things I love about North Burnaby that I share in The Ultimate Guide To Vancouver if you want to know more – it’s a must if you’re coming to Vancouver and you want to explore like a local.