Quarry Rock Hike In Deep Cove

Don’t Die Trying To Get To This Hike Outside Vancouver B.C.
July 3, 2019
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Quarry Rock Hike In Deep Cove

The Easiest Hike Near Vancouver That Has The Best View At The End

Or at least that’s how I would describe the Quarry Rock hike in deep cove. If you’re in Vancouver and looking to get out into nature and enjoy the beautiful areas we have here quarry rock is always among the places I recommend.

One of the best parts of this hike is that it’s accessible by public transit and because a lot of people visiting Vancouver might not have a car this is the perfect outside excursion.

Quarry Rock Hike How To Get There?

If you’re taking the bus. I would highly recommend you use the google maps app to find your way to deep cove. Google maps is connected to Vancouver public transit and can offer real-time directions from where ever you might be.

If you’re driving, again, use google maps.

How Long Is Quarry Rock Hike?

The average hiking time is 2 hours round trip. This of course will vary based on age, fitness level and the amount of time you spend hanging out at the view point.

Quarry Rock Hike Where To Park?

I’ve done my best to illustrator on this map of the area where the parking is located. Saturday and Sunday are the busiest times and it might be hard to find parking.

Watch The Quarry Rock Hike Video To Get A Idea Of The Hike!