How Cold Is Vancouver In The Winter?

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June 23, 2019
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How Cold Is Vancouver In The Winter?


How Cold Is Vancouver In The Winter?

When you’re travelling to a new city in a different part of the world you might not be familiar with the weather and what kind of temperatures to expect. You might be asking yourself how cold is Vancouver in the winter? I need to know how to pack!

Starting In late October Vancouver begins to experience temperature drop from the low teens to single digit temperatures during both daytime and night. By November you can expect to reach 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) and below at night. December ushers in more below 0 days and nights continuing through January until the end of February.

What’s The Coldest Month In Vancouver?

Typically late December to the end of January is the coldest time period in Vancouver. To be more specific I would say December 15th – January 31st are the coldest 45 days to visit Vancouver.The temperatures will be around 3 or 4 degrees Celsius during the day time and -3 degrees or lower at night.

Vancouver has what is known as a wet cold and that’s due to the fact that we’re right beside the ocean and the air has more moisture in it than cities that’t are located next to giant bodies of water.

Does Vancouver Get A lot Of Snow?

This is actually a hard one to answer and the main reason is that with the current state of climate change it has really affected the seasons in Canada. In 2018 we got almost no snow during the winter in Vancouver, in 2017 we had only a few weeks. This is because we are experiencing warmer winters.

It’s hard to predict if you will encounter snow during the winter in Vancouver but I would always prepare yourself to encounter snow if you’re visiting between December and February.

If we don’t get any snow in Vancouver over the winter that doesn’t mean that snow isn’t falling. We have 3 popular mountains sitting right in front of us that are at a much higher elevation where the snow is falling. These make for awesome ski slopes only 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

What Should I Bring To Vancouver In The Winter?

The number one thing you must have when visiting Vancouver in the winter is a good waterproof pair of boots. If it’s not snowing, that’s because it’s raining. We get a lot of raining in Vancouver during the winter. Everything becomes wet, there are puddles everywhere and you need to be sure to protect your feet.

You could try waterproof shoes, but a low rise shoe could easily let water from big puddles or heavy rain get inside, so if possible bring boots.

These are the things you should bring to Vancouver in the winter.

  • Waterproof Boots
  • Waterproof Jacket With Hood
  • Umbrella
  • Long Sleeve Shirts and Pants (warm clothes)
  • Gloves
  • A Toque (or beanie)
These are 6 items I would highly recommend you bring with you to Vancouver in the winter.

The key with the jacket is to get one with a good hood. You might not always have your umbrella with you or perhaps not want to carry your umbrella when you’re out at night.

If you have a good hood to flip on whenever you need it you’ll be ok. I would not get a jacket that didn’t have a hood. It’s also important to bring gloves because your hands will freeze very quickly in the windy cold and please bring a toque or warm fuzzy hat.

Toques are your best friend in Vancouver during the winter because it keeps your head warm and you can also pull them down over your ears too when it gets really cold out and if you don’t need it they fold up so small you can just shove it in your pocket. Trust me, you’ll be so happy you had one.