Don’t Die Trying To Get To This Hike Outside Vancouver B.C.

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Don’t Die Trying To Get To This Hike Outside Vancouver B.C.

I’m talking about the Tunnel Bluffs hike that’s located off the Sea To Sky highway.

This particular hike is kind of risky just to get to the trail head and that’s because you have to run across the highway where cars are going 100+KM/HR on 2 blind corners.

In order to get to this hike you actually have to drive passed it about 5 minutes, find a turnaround and come back at it from the other side so you can reach the parking lot.

From these 2 pictures you can see that you can only access the parking by heading South, but if you’re coming from Vancouver you’ll be heading North.

Once you’ve turned around and made your way into the parking lot. Which, by the way fills up fast because the lot is very small. I would recommend going early (6-8am) to secure a spot.

You can see that the trailhead is located on the other side of the road and that you’re going to need to sprint across the highway with cars that could be coming around the corner any second at speeds of 100Km an hour or faster.

Because this trail is risky to get to it means that less people use it, which can be a nice benefit, but less doesn’t mean none, so you’ll still see people on the trails willing to risk the run across the highway.

Why would people risk their lives to get to this hike?

The simplest answer would be – for the view. The hike it’s self is quite enjoyable. It’s not to long, not to short and offers an incredible view at the end.

Want To See The View? Check This Video